Olimpia Milano, Ettore Messina finds his smile again

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The words of Ettore Messina

Ettore Messina enjoys the success over Valencia. “Great performance and very important victory. Once again a great atmosphere, a lot of people in the palace who supported us until the end. Once again thanks to our fans for the trust.”

“We kept building good advantages, then we always made two/three mistakes that allowed the opponent to come back. The defense turned up the intensity, with Davies and Hines turned up the physicality, and on offense we didn’t just settle for 3-point shooting by moving their defense. Those were the keys to victory.”

Closing remark on Brandon Davies: “He started with one or two things that had me worried,. Then he was a linchpin, allowed us to get back into the rhythm of the game, 6 assists is a big number for a center. He seems to me in a very good moment of condition both mentally and physically. We are happy, he suffered at the beginning, as is normal. Very encouraging race. There were moments of hard work, but also of depression given the defeats. Now I see smiling faces.”

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