Cagliari: from Jeda an advice for Tommaso Giulini on the market

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Cagliari: from Jeda an advice for Tommaso Giulini on the market

Reached by the microphones of NumeroDiez, Jeda had his say on Claudio Ranieri’s return to Cagliari: “I hope and hope that his arrival can be a starting point for the team’s ascent. Already from the point of view of the person, the fans will certainly be very happy, I am sure. In my opinion there will be a massive return of public enthusiasm to the stadium, which is a very important factor. Then the great effort made by the club to bring in someone like Ranieri should also be emphasized.”

The Brazilian also gave some advice to Tommaso Giulini on the Rossoblù market: “I believe that the team can rise again, maybe even changing something, operating in the market by buying players of category and experience. Also because Cagliari’s real problem is that it is not just any team: it is a team that must be a protagonist in Serie B and the players must be aware of this, but unfortunately it is not happening.”

“Basically what made me settle immediately and what I found similar in Cagliari than in Lecce was what the fans gave me. The pride of the fans, both of their own team and of their own land, was very important: The people of Salento care about being called ‘Salentini’ and not ‘Pugliese,’ just as the Sardinians are very attached to their region,” Jeda concluded.

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