Nargiso and the year of truth for Sinner and Berrettini

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Former blue tennis player: “The tennis is there, but it will be necessary to express it consistently.”

Diego Nargiso at the microphones of Oasport spoke about Matteo Berrettini and Jannik Sinner, both returning from a problematic 2022 from the point of view of physical condition: “We were already aware that Berrettini was a little bit cagiac because it is his competitive history that speaks for itself. As a result, it is not easy to find a way to prevent certain problems and have continuity. However, I am confident that as he gets to know his body better and better, Berrettini will know what to do and also how to better plan his year.”

“As for Sinner I don’t think the same argument applies because he had played more than 70 matches in 2021. Probably there was some bad luck and the many changes also in technical and physical management have to be absorbed.”

203 will be a key year for both of them: “They have both shown that they have a top-10 level and are capable of going on to the majors, but it is necessary to see if they will have the proper continuity of performance to be able to push themselves further from a physical/athletic standpoint as well. The tennis is there, but it will be necessary to express it consistently, and with a whole series of injuries it becomes difficult to be able to express themselves at the top.”

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