Novak Djokovic – Jannik Sinner live from Wimbledon. Follow along with us live

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Novak Djokovic v. Jannik Sinner

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After winning back two sets to a fantastic Jannik Sinner, Djokovic closed in the fifth set (5-7, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2) in 3h 35 minutes.

6-2 Djokovic closes match in 5 sets, Sinner responds on net

40-0 Djokovic’s Ace. Three match-points

30-0 Serb’s winning serve

15-0 Sinner’s response on the tape

5-2 Another break in Djokovic’s favor. Sinner despairs

30-40 Nole comes up with a seemingly impossible shot and exults

30-30 Great forehand by the highhander, Djokovic can’t reach it

15-30 Sinner’s serve and forehand

0-30 The Italian slips and can’t defend.

0-15 Sinner attempts the shot under the legs but sends it out

4-2 Djokovic holds the break lead

40-0 Long response from the Azure.

30-0 Great exchange but Sinner sends the ball to the tape

15-0 The game begins with a winning serve from the Serb

3-2 Sinner holds on and keeps the serve to zero

40-0 This time Djokovic’s bunt stops at the net

30-0 Djokovic’s backhand stops on the tape

15-0 Sinner breaks through at the net

3-1 Serb holds serve to zero

40-0 Nole continues with winning serves

30-0 Crazy bunt by Djokovic

15-0 Serbian’s winning serve

2-1 Djokovic concretizes the break

30-40 Djokovic’s ball comes out. First break-point canceled

15-40 Sinner error at net, two break balls for the Serb

15-30 Sinner’s forehand stays on the racket: tape

15-15 Sinner brings home the point with a big forehand

0-15 Out goes the backhand of the South Tyrolean.

1-1 Djokovic makes it 1-1 in the fifth set with third service game winner

40-15 Sinner holds out, forehand winner

40-0 Another winning first serve by Djokovic

30-0 Long forehand from the Italian.

15-0 Serbian’s winning serve

0-1 Sinner holds serve and moves ahead in the fifth set

40-30 Sinner backhand over the net

40-15 Winning serve from the Azure

30-15 Prolonged exchange, Djokovic misses and hits the tape

15-15 Sinner crosses the lines with a forehand.

0-15 Djokovic defends well and wins the point


6-2 Winning Djokovic ties the match, Sinner earns the locker room: ankle sprain worries. It will all be decided in the fifth set

AD-40 Sinner’s response stops on the tape.

40-40 Sinner’s big long return.

AD-40 Second set-point for the Serb with the winning serve.

40-40 Still long backhand from the Azure.

40-AD Second break-point of the game for Sinner

40-40 Serb’s backhand ribbon

AD-40 Long forehand by Sinner. Set point for Nole

40-40 Spectacular exchange and Sinner stays down holding his ankle, nice gesture by the Serb who helps him up

30-40 Short ball by Djokovic on the tape. Break ball Sinner

30-30 Serb misses backhand: it’s wide

30-15 Nice play by Sinner that sends Djokovic off the court and brings home the point

30-0 Djokovic’s winning serve.

15-0 Serb’s ace

5-2 Sinner holds serve

40-15 This time excellent response from the Serb, who makes point

40-0 Sinner’s serve and volley

30-0 Djokovic error, hasn’t happened in a while

15-0 Sinner picks the right angle

5-1 Game Djokovic, who will have to answer for the set

40-0 Long forehand from the South Tyrolean.

30-0 Djokovic, leaping, still on target

15-0 Sinner’s ball stops at the net

4-1 Sinner manages to take home the game

40-30 Djokovic still on target

40-15 Sinner doesn’t get it, point Nole

40-0 Long backhand from the Serb

30-0 Back to wrong Djokovic

15-0 Blue’s winner

4-0 Djokovic holds serve to zero

40-0 Djokovic now looks unstoppable

30-0 Over the net Sinner’s response

15-0 Djokovic’s winning short ball.

3-0 Game by Djokovic, who exults. The Serb is fully in the match.

40-AD Sinner’s backhand is long.

40-40 Winning serve by Sinner, who doesn’t want to give up.

30-40 Wide forehand by Sinner. Double break ball for the Serb.

30-30 Sinner finds the cross court and Nole misses.

15-30 Serve and volley by Sinner

0-30 Play like a champion by Djokovic

0-15 Sinner error at the net

2-0 Game by Djokovic, who consolidates the break

40-15 What a shot by the South Tyrolean, who shortens

40-0 Mistakes Sinner, who begins to suffer fatigue

30-0 The Serb continues to push

15-0 Over the net Sinner’s response

1-0 Break by Novak Djokovic

40-AD Sinner cue. Another break ball for the Serb

40-40 Lightning fast forehand from Sinner.

30-40 Break ball for the Serb

30-30 Eighth ace of the match by Sinner

15-30 Another double fault by the Azure.

15-15 Sinner holds the exchange and Nole misses

0-15 Sinner starts with a double fault


6-3 Winner by Djokovic who shortens the match. After more than two hours of play we are at 2-1 for Sinner, it’s still going to be a long one!

40-15 Crazy cross court by Sinner who doesn’t let up.

40-0 Djokovic closes with lob.

30-0 Second consecutive winning serve for the Serb

15-0 Winning serve by Nole

5-3 Ace by Sinner who holds serve and extends the set.

AD-40 Sinner’s winning serve, thanks to the ‘Challange’

40-40 Prolonged exchange but Djokovic stops at the net

30-40 Sinner doesn’t let up

15-40 Double set point for Djokovic

15-30 Very long backhand from Nole

0-30 Sinner’s forehand stops on the tape

0-15 Djokovic’s ball pinches the line

5-2 Game Djokovic, closing with the fifth ace.

40-15 Great short ball by Nole that forces Sinner into an error.

30-15 Crazy forehand from Djokovic.

15-15 Serb’s ace

0-15 Great exchange, Sinner closes with lob

4-2 Game Sinner, who shortens

40-15 Double hitting error for Sinner, the fifth of his match

40-0 Sinner continues to push

30-0 Ace from the South Tyrolean

15-0 Sinner takes the lead in the game

4-1 Game Djokovic, who consolidates the break

40-30 Fantastic exchange, but Sinner misses the last shot

30-30 This time it’s Nole who goes long

30-15 Long ball by Sinner. But Djokovic is nervous

15-15 Fantastic bunt by Jannik Sinner.

15-0 Sinner’s backhand is inaccurate.

3-1 Game Djokovic. The Serb snatches the serve from the Italian.

0-40 Djokovic wins a prolonged exchange. Three break points in favor of the Serb

0-30 More tape from the Alto Adige player

0-15 On the tape the forehand of Sinner

2-1 Djokovic moves ahead in the third set

40-15 Sinner’s forehand is long

30-15 Second ace in a row for Djokovic

15-15 Ace by Nole

0-15 Serb misses

1-1 Game Sinner, who ties the set

AD-40 Ace by Azure, who takes the lead

40-40 Sinner cancels Serb’s break ball

40-AD Djokovic break ball on Sinner’s double service error

40-40 Sinner misses, it goes to advantages

40-30 Djokovic’s response is long

30-30 The Serb finds the intersection of the lines

30-15 Sinner goes long

30-0 Ace from the Highlander

15-0 Service and forehand win for Sinner

1-0 Game Djokovic. The Serb holds his service game to zero.

40-0 Another service winner

30-0 Serbian’s winning serve

15-0 It’s Djokovic’s to score the first point of the third set


6-2 Again a winning serve by Sinner, who moves ahead 2 sets to 0

40-30 Nole’s forehand stops on the tape. Set-point Sinner

30-30 Winning serve from the South Tyrolean.

15-30 Djokovic’s wide response.

0-30 Another point for the Serb

0-15 Djokovic takes the point at the net

2-5 Game Sinner. Double-break for the Italian

40-AD Double fault by the Serb, the third of the match.

40-40 Nole is helped by the tape

30-40 Long response by Sinner, Djokovic shortens

15-40 Goes long Djokovic. Another break ball for the Azure

15-30 What a response from Sinner

15-15 The Serb’s backhand stops on the tape.

15-0 He finds the intersection of the lines Djokovic

2-4 Slap volley by Sinner that ends the game.

40-30 Great exchange, closed by the Azure.

30-30 Sinner’s winning serve

15-30 Wrong volley by Sinner, back ahead in the game Nole

15-15 Winning forehand from the South Tyrolean

0-15 Prolonged exchange, Sinner bunt misses

2-3 Game Djokovic, coming back to win one

40-15 This time Sinner doesn’t hold, double ball of 2-3

30-15 Winning serve by Nole

15-15 Finds the corner Djokovic

0-15 The Serb’s backhand stops on the tape.

1-3 Ace from Sinner, who stretches

40-0 Still wide on Nole’s forehand.

30-0 Another response error by the Serb

15-0 Djokovic’s forehand wide.

1-2 Sinner breaks Djokovic’s serve for the third time.

15-40 Double break ball for the Azure.

15-30 Great forehand by Sinner who goes back ahead in the game

15-15 Serve and volley by the Serb

0-15 Sinner ends a great exchange with the volley

1-1 Sinner’s winning serve and volley to tie

40-0 Another ace by Jannik Sinner

30-0 Second ace by the South Tyrolean

15-0 Sinner makes no mistake at the net

1-0 Game Djokovic, helped by the net

40-15 Djokovic’s forehand on the line, Sinner can’t reach it

30-15 Sinner shortens the distance

30-0 Sinner goes long on the Serb’s serve

15-0 Djokovic wins


7-5 Winning serve by Sinner who takes home the first set in 57 minutes.

AD-40 Impeccable bunt by the Azure.

40-40 Sinner slips. Set-point canceled

40-30 Djokovic’s response error. Set-point Sinner

30-30 Goes long with forehand the Serb

15-30 Sinner double fault. Second of the match.

15-15 Winning serve from the Azure

0-15 Sinner’s wide ball

5-6 Great play by Sinner, second break for him. The Italian is ahead

15-40 Djokovic misses the lob. Two break points for Sinner

15-30 Winning serve by the Serb who stays there

0-30 Djokovic’s ball stops on the tape.

0-15 Sinner patient, wins the exchange

5-5 Sinner’s winning serve, tied again

40-30 Sinner doesn’t let up and goes back ahead in the game

30-30 Great play by Djokovic who closes to the net

30-15 Djokovic shortens the distance

30-0 Wrong answer Nole, still long

15-0 Serb’s long ball on Sinner’s second

5-4 Game Djokovic, who takes the lead again

AD-40 This time Djokovic doesn’t miss.

40-40 Serb’s free error, still tied

AD-40 On the tape, Sinner’s response

40-40 What a forehand from Nole, who evens the score.

30-40 Sinner wins the best exchange of the match so far. Break ball for him

30-30 Djokovic throws it away despite Sinner’s uncertainty under net.

30-15 The Serb pulls ahead again

15-15 Great defense by Djokovic, Sinner’s backhand stops on the tape

0-15 Sinner’s big forehand goes ahead for the first time in the match

4-4 Djokovic misses again. Parity

40-15 Winning forehand from Nole

40-0 The Serbian’s forehand stops on the tape. Three balls of the tie for Sinner

30-0 Sinner keeps pushing and Djokovic goes long

15-0 Nice volley by Sinner

4-3 Break by Sinner.

15-40 Djokovic’s errors continue. Ball on the tape

15-30 Ace by Djokovic

0-30 Another error by the Serb

0-15 Double foul by Nole

4-2 Ace by Sinner who holds serve.

AD-40 Djokovic ball out, 2-4 ball for Sinner.

40-40 Winning serve by Sinner

30-40 Acceleration of the Serb who earns the ball-break

30-30 Sinner calls Djokovic to the net but then deposits out

30-15 Nice play by Sinner who wins a great exchange

15-15 The South Tyrolean hits badly, the ball goes out

15-0 Sinner’s winning long line.

4-1 Winning serve by Djokovic, who extends.

40-30 Sinner ball out.

30-30 Great backhand play by Sinner, full line.

30-15 Nole error, Sinner shortens.

30-0 The Serb continues to push on his serve turns.

3-1 Sinner’s winning serve shortens the distance.

40-15 Sinner’s forehand on the tape.

40-0 Three balls for Sinner to clinch the game

30-0 Djokovic goes long with the response on the South Tyrolean’s serve

15-0 Sinner for the first time ahead in a game

3-0 Game Djokovic. The Serb closes with an ace

40-15 Winning serve by Djokovic, two balls of 3-0

30-15 Sinner’s response ends over the net

15-15 First double fault of the match for the Serb

15-0 Winning serve by Nole

2-0 Game Djokovic. Break by the Serb

30-40 Sinner’s winning serve

15-40 Great exchange and Sinner scores with forehand, first break ball canceled

0-40 Three break points for the Serb

0-30 Double fault by Jannik Sinner

0-15 Another error by the azure

1-0 Game Djokovic.

40-0 Second long ball by the high courter.

30-0 Novak Djokovic’s first ace.

15-0 Sinner’s error


Novak Djokovic wins the draw and chooses to serve. The warm-up begins, soon to start the first set of the match. Have fun everyone!

After a big win on the Wimbledon Central court in four sets against Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik Sinner returns to the main court of the London facility looking for a feat against Novak Djokovic, who defeated Dutchman Van Rijthoven in the round of 16.

Good afternoon everyone, welcome to the live coverage of the match between Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner, valid for the quarterfinals of the Wimbledon tournament.

The Duchess of Cambridge is ravishing at Wimbledon.

The big day is here: follow this super match with us at! We will be linking up already around 2:20 p.m. from London, with the hope that Jannik will succeed in a titanic feat even though she has already amply demonstrated that she is a tough nut to crack even on the grass.

It will not be an ordinary Tuesday afternoon that we are about to experience at Wimbledon. World No. 1 Novak Djokovic challenges Jannik Sinner, who has advanced to the quarterfinals of the prestigious British tournament after getting rid of the predestined of predestinators.

The two last crossed paths at the Monte Carlo tournament in April last year: on the Principality’s clay, the Serb won in two sets.

Djokovic, in the previous round played on London’s grass, won in four sets with Dutchman Van Rijthoven.

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