Nick Kyrgios, the hardest memory: this is how he defeated his demons

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A long series of personal demons, defeated starting from a specific episode.

Nick Kyrgios told his heart-to-heart to the microphones of ‘Break Point,’ the Netflix series to be released next Jan. 13 and in which lesser-known aspects of tennis’ great players are told. And some of them are also about an outfielder who was in serious danger of never making it to the highest level.

“In the first 4-5 years of my career to dominate my life was confusion, and I felt more and more fragile every week,” Kyrgios revealed. “I was drinking every night, and my life was in danger of spiraling out of control. I thought I couldn’t continue like that, but I also believed that I could never become an active tennis player every month of the year.”

So there came a moment that would define not only Kyrgios’ career, but his entire existence. “It was 2014, and at Wimbledon I managed to beat Rafa Nadal. Until that day I was not aware that I was that good. But that success changed my life forever,” he confessed. “I was a nobody, and all of a sudden I found people camped outside my house. Everything was born from that moment.”

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