Givova Scafati knockout, Attilio Caja sees glass half full

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“Performance, however, to be saved, the result of which came mainly on the merits of the opponents than on our own demerits.”

Givova Scafati’s last game of the first leg of the league championship goes to Carpegna Prosciutto Pesaro, which overcame the Campania lineup 69-81 at the Beta Ricambi Arena PalaMangano. Beyond the final statistics, the guests had the merit of putting up important partials of the top moments of the match, punishing the hosts at every slightest mistake.

The Agro team was weighed down by the absence of the injured Logan, whose absence was felt not only in terms of points but also in terms of building the game, as there was no other player with the same characteristics on the staff.

At the end of the game, Scafati coach Attilio Caja commented with great realism on the course of the match, not failing to say nice words for his players: “I congratulate Pesaro, which played an excellent game. We tried to stay in the game, starting very well. Better still we did in the third quarter, but a misstep in the second and the first minutes of the last cost us the game. Every little mistake of ours coincided with an opponent’s basket. With Logan’s absence we could have thought of a game already marked, instead the boys were good, finding good game solutions, but we lacked something in the building phase. Unfortunately, in the end we were in trouble, but we still restart from some positive performances of individuals, such as Mian, Pinkins and Okoye, and from a performance anyway to be saved, the result of which came mainly due to the merit of the opponents than to our demerits,” the coach said in the press conference.

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