Max Verstappen scares Ferrari: his prediction

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A prediction about next season, which can’t help but scare some people in Maranello.

Max Verstappen sends a clear message to Ferrari, while not directly mentioning the Prancing Horse. He does so in an interview with ‘Viaplay’ in which he analyzes the prospects for growth heading into next season for those who struggled in 2022. All based on his experience of these years in Red Bull.

“Whenever Formula 1 introduces new regulations, someone understands right from the start how to work. When it happens, you start from that point and just make small progress. If you get it wrong, however, you have to reinvent everything and try to catch up. But you always find yourself behind the others,” Verstappen said.

Then the two-time world champion referred to his Red Bull’s run-up. “We saw it too, it took us several years to reach the level of Mercedes,” Verstappen recalled. “We were behind on the engine, we fixed it and then we had to fix the single-seater. Eventually we did it, but it took years.”

“Right now, and with the regulations now, maybe catching up is less complicated. But you still have to do it, and while you do it those in front continue to improve. In Red Bull we are doing just that, and we hope to keep doing it again,” Verstappen concluded.

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