Max Verstappen lays down his arms: “We made it clear.”

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Max Verstappen lays down his arms: “We made it clear.”

Max Verstappen lays down his arms. The Red Bull driver last year had been very critical of the Netflix TV series Drive to Survive (“There is too much fiction and sometimes episodes are linked together even though they are not contextualized in reality”) but now he seems to have changed his mind.

“I always said I wanted to appear on screen as I really am. I talked about it with the production managers and they understood my point of view. I understand the need to make the drama spectacular, but I’m a guy who cares a lot about giving a truthful image of himself and I asked that this be respected,” Verstappen said. The Gazzetta dello Sport reports.

“In fact, the series has been very important for the image of our sport. I hope the new series will go in the direction I hope. We will see when it comes out,” concluded the Dutch driver.

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