NBA: LeBron James makes history: he’s the All-time leading scorer

©Getty Images

Overtaking in the race against OKC

Witness history. James is the new best scorer in NBA history. Thanks to 38 points scored in the showdown against OKC (LBJ needed 36 to break Abdul-Jabbar’s record), King James took home one of the NBA’s most extraordinary (and coveted) records.

The overtaking basket came with 10.9″ left in the third period. At that point, play was stopped and LBJ was duly celebrated, with Abdul-Jabbar and commissioner Silver at center court with James: “A record that had lasted almost 40 years. Many people thought no one would ever surpass it. LeBron, you are the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. Congratulations,” Silver’s own words reported by ESPN. For the record, the game was won by OKC (133-130) but all the applause was for James.

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