Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri slams critics

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‘Hot’ postgame for Massimiliano Allegri

More than the potential penalty not awarded by referee Pinheiro, it is another reason that ‘heated’ the post-match interview of Juventus-Nantes starring Massimiliano Allegri.

Speaking to the ‘Sky Sport’ studio, the Livorno coach quickly dismissed the penalty issue: “I’ve seen it now but to say ‘it’s hand, it’s penalty, there’s the second yellow,’ I really don’t care. I only comment on the 1-1, and I say we had to do better technically. After 1-0 we slowed the ball down too much, we have to work on that aspect. After their goal we rekindled ourselves but it wasn’t enough, we have to play for qualification in France. But first we have to think about Spezia.”

Tensions rose when the Bianconeri coach interpreted one of the questions that came in from the studio as a reiteration of one of the criticisms most often levelled at Juventus in recent times, namely that of ‘settling’ for narrow victories: “I’ve been hearing for a long time that I want us to win 1-0, but that’s bullsh…ate,” Allegri commented. “Just look at the numbers: my teams are always among the best defenses and among the best attacks. That of settling for 1-0 is something I really hear too much, not only tonight, and it’s not true: you have to tell it like it is. It’s one thing to say that tonight the ball wasn’t turning quickly after 1-0, it’s another that we wanted to settle for it.”

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