Ascoli, Breda: “Parma has a Serie A team.”

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Ascoli coach Roberto Breda: “But it has problems, above all the non-continuity of results.”

Ascoli coach Roberto Breda in a press conference presented the Parma match: “Parma has players who should be in Serie A, but they go in alternating phases. It is a team that requires a lot of attention and respect, but at the same time it has shown that it has problems, on all the non-continuity of results. During the week we worked on the characteristics of the opponent, but there is a path to take as a team and in this we must accelerate because there is no time, the idea of always improving must be there every day in training.”

“Parma has quality, but we have to play our game, everything we have done is subordinate to how we will face this game and how much we want to put in to take away points.”

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