Roma, Andrea Belotti: Galderisi is adamant.

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‘Nanu’ gives advice to Belotti

Giuseppe Galderisi, interviewed by Centro Suono Sport, spoke about the match that one of the clubs that has remained most in his heart, Hellas Verona with whom he won the Scudetto in 1985, will play against Roma. Among the topics addressed was the difficult moment of one of the Giallorossi strikers, Andrea Belotti.

“Belotti with Salzburg was unlucky – said ‘Nanu’, who in addition to the tricolor with the Scaligeri boasts two Scudetti with Juventus in his trophy cabinet -, he had to catch the ball well in a split second. It takes conviction, the striker must be convinced of his own qualities and must make the most of every little episode.”

“The forwards make the mechanism turn, even if it is important for them to frame the goal,” Galderisi added, broadening the discourse to the other interpreters of Roma’s offensive phase. “Sometimes you can struggle while at other times you can score goals easily, but the forwards must feel it and train in feeling it, attacking every ball. This is a job that I think all coaches do, if there is a lack of concreteness in goal, it is a problem.”

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