Jose Mourinho pulls the ears of the fans

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The words of Jose Mourinho

José Mourinho spoke after the 1-0 win over Verona at the Stadio Olimpico: “The team spirit and sacrifice was fantastic, we played very well against a team like Verona that does not let you build actions. A victory deserved by the boys for the effort made even after the effort in Austria, and also for those who played less.”

“Belotti played a great game, he would have deserved the goal for all the sacrifice work he did but Montipò made an incredible save,” he added. “I’m just sorry that people don’t understand the difficult circumstances in which we work and how well we are doing. I am very grateful to these guys. Okay soldouts, but there are environments and environments. If the team pushes us it’s one thing, but if it’s like tonight that people boo at the first wrong pass, it doesn’t help us. We don’t have Cafu or Maicon, but people don’t understand how well we are working. Bove is more of a fan than the ultras, he is doing well and growing. He was supposed to go on loan in Serie C, today he is a starter for Roma. Of course the press doesn’t help because they are all phenomena except Roma, who win only by luck or loose balls. I don’t need compliments, the team and the boys do. I have to protect my boys who deserve more.”

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