Virtus Bologna, Massimo Zanetti does not forget and goes down flat

©Getty Images

Massimo Zanetti categorical in aftermath of Italian Cup disappointment

The sports wound from the defeat in the Italian Cup final is still fresh, and Massimo Zanetti, owner of Virtus Bologna, did not mince words in describing it, during an intervention during the radio program “La politica nel pallone,” on Radio Rai.

“We were superficial, we thought we had won,” Zanetti remarked. “We had recovered but when you start off badly there comes a bit of apprehension, they all played badly a bit. However in sports you win and you lose, even Milan lost to Brescia.”

Just talking about his main rivals in the league, Zanetti made a meaningful comparison, “Armani and I are like Bartali and Coppi, there is always this sporting rivalry between us.”

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