Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez’s behind-the-scenes story causes controversy

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Marc Marquez’s words about Valentino Rossi cause discussion

Marc Marquez’s words about Valentino Rossi and the outcome of the 2015 World Championship have gone around the world and are causing no small amount of discussion.

In the documentary ‘All-in,’ dedicated to Marquez’s career, the Spanish centaur himself did not spare a further lunge at the ‘Doctor,’ revealing he did not want to force his hand when he found himself in second position, in the decisive Valencian Community Gp, behind what would later become that year’s world champion, Jorge Lorenzo.

“Could I have jumped in at the last corner without knowing what was going to happen? Yes,” Marquez said, “but would I really have let someone who had done everything Valentino Rossi did to me win the title? No.”

“I didn’t have the motivation to do that,” added number 93, “because what I had to experience in those two weeks I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Much less at the age of 22.”

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