Inter Milan, Marotta warns Lukaku about renewal

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The Nerazzurri executive: “Unfortunately, heart is not enough.”

Inter Milan CEO Beppe Marotta spoke to Amazon Prime just before the start of the Champions League match against Porto. The Nerazzurri executive spoke on Romelu Lukaku’s renewal: “All expiring players deserve renewal and Lukaku also deserves confirmation, but unfortunately heart is not enough. We have to be rational, we will do it calmly later and reason about what to do. Lukaku is recovering his best form, the World Cup has conditioned the recovery.”

Inter would be comfortable with the 20 million euros from quarterfinal qualification: “Romance prevails but yes, they would be comfortable. The hope is that we can give them a good night and that it could coincide with the first part of an overcoming the round. The fans think back to 2010, we will give our best to try to reach the highest possible heights.”

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