Jorge Lorenzo, admission about Valentino Rossi: “I couldn’t do it.”

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Former MotoGp centaur Jorge Lorenzo: “I was different from Valentino Rossi, I couldn’t be nice to the press.”

Former MotoGp centaur Jorge Lorenzo told the Spanish TV program La Roca: the Majorcan rider after his career in motorcycles tried his hand at four wheels, and more. “I travel more now than when I was racing. I love to travel and discover new countries. When I used to race I would go from the airport to the circuit and stay there three days. Now when I travel, I really travel. I stay there for two weeks discovering the best of everything there is.”

The thing he misses most about racing: “Winning. I think one is born competitive because of genetics or directly that they don’t like to compete. I am very competitive, in school I used to make up games with my friends to beat them.”

Lorenzo explained one of the differences with Valentino Rossi: “For better or worse I always said what I thought, I just wanted to go out and race. Valentino Rossi knew how to be nice to the cameras before going out, while for me it was something I couldn’t and didn’t want to do.”

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