Fencing, foil Italy is pharaonic

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Fencing, results

Italy’s pharaonic foil was also confirmed on the day of team competitions that closed the World Cup stage in Cairo: triumph for the women’s lineup, consisting of Alice Volpi, Francesca Palumbo, Martina Favaretto, and Erica Cipressa, and second place for the men’s team that fielded Daniele Garozzo, Tommaso Marini, Guillaume Bianchi, and Filippo Macchi.

Another gold and silver on Sunday in Egypt, then, for CT Stefano Cerioni’s quartets, after the splendid Saturday of the individual competitions that had seen the first World Cup success of Martina Favaretto, winner of the Italian derby in the final against Martina Batini, and the men’s double podium with Tommaso Marini in second place and Davide Filippi third.

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