Inter, Marotta warns Inzaghi and puts Lukaku in the balance: ‘We’ll see if it’s the case’

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Inter Milan CEO Beppe Marotta spoke to Sky after the Bologna loss

Inter have yet to digest the league defeat against Bologna, the seventh in Serie A this season for Simone Inzaghi’s side, now at -18 from leading Napoli. In an interview with Sky, CEO Beppe Marotta expressed the mood of the Nerazzurri management for the continuing ups and downs of the Piacenza coach’s lineup.

“The current situation is bittersweet, protagonists in Champions and Coppa Italia but in the most important event, the one in which everyone believes, the championship, we have discontinuity. Inzaghi is a very good young professional, but a fact emerges on which a remedy must be found, that of discontinuity against provincial teams. The therapy must be identified by players and coach, knowing that society supports them.”

“We ask the team and coach for more concentration in order not to lose sight of the goal of Champions League qualification,” warned the former Juve manager. The application they have shown in this period must be greater against opponents within reach.”

On Lukaku’s redemption from Chelsea: “Today he is a Chelsea player and we will see if it is the case to renegotiate with them. Choices have to be made but we are working on that to keep the team competitive. Our ownership has never lacked anything.”

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