Paolo Banchero gets unblocked, Simone Fontecchio not enough

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Italians featured prominently on Nba night.

In the Orlando Magic’s 106-117 win over the Charlotte Hornets, 31 points (with 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 triples, an Achilles heel) by Paolo Banchero. Simone Fontecchio’s 16 points in 26 minutes were not enough against the Oklahoma City Thunder to defeat the Utah Jazz 130-103.


Charlotte Hornets-Orlando Magic 106-117

Atlanta Hawks-Portland Trail Blazers 129-111

Boston Celtics-Brooklyn Nets 105-115

Miami Heat-New York Knicks 120-122

Chicago Bulls-Phoenix Suns 104-125

Oklahoma City Thunder-Utah Jazz 130-103

Denver Nuggets-Memphis Grizzlies 113-97

Golden State Warriors-New Orleans Pelicans 108-99

Sacramento Kings-Los Angeles Clippers 128-127

Los Angeles Lakers-Minnesota Timberwolves 102-110

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