Germani Brescia, Alessandro Magro: “In Venice to impose our basketball.”

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Magro’s words on the eve of the ‘derby’ with Reyer

Coach Alessandro Magro presented the challenge against Reyer Venezia, a match valid for the 15th day of the EuroCup: “The EuroCup resumes with a fundamental game for our path: before the break we found a good dose of confidence thanks to the victories with Bourg and Cluj, now we have four fundamental games ahead of us to fuel our hopes of passing the round and to try to do it in the best possible ranking position. Venice, with whom we share the same record in the standings, is one of the best teams in our group. It has recently changed its coach and, compared to the past, has changed its defensive choices and the way it plays, while maintaining the same clear identity as far as the topics of the game are concerned.”

“Reyer has great impact behind the basket thanks to the presence of players such as Parks, Watt and Willis,” Germani’s coach continued. “It can move the ball very well in the pick-n-roll game thanks to the talents of Spissu, Granger, De Nicolao and the newest arrival Ray. In addition, he can activate a player like Bramos, who can be extremely dangerous coming off the blocks. Venice, moreover, can put full-court pressure and has physical size to be performant.”

“The one at Taliercio will be a high-profile challenge. We will play away from home but we will have to try to impose our basketball. Against a defense that will deny us so many of our situations, we will have to have patience and solidity to go deep in possession, hit counterattacks as often as we can and try defensively to curb their strengths with solid team defense, knowing that so much of our European season will depend on this game,” Magro concluded.

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