Elena Curtoni gets angry: “I really cared about it.”

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The Italian skier regrets her mistake in the downhill in Soldeu

Elena Curtoni commented regretfully on her mistake in the downhill in Soldeu: “I’m a little upset because I wanted to do well and it would have been enough for me to get in the points zone to take home third place in the specialty ranking. I really wanted to, but the important thing is that despite the fall, nothing serious happened.”

Now mission redemption in the SuperG: “Tomorrow I have a big goal and I want to do well. I caught my ski inside before the turn and it threw me in the air, I didn’t work the bump well and I jumped very high. Tomorrow is important, like all races, I will try to approach it calmly as I always do. I know how it works, I know what I have to do and I have to do it the best I can, focusing on the here and now without thinking about the result that will come later,” are the words reported by Fisi.

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