Valerio Bianchini, mystical vision on Dan Peterson: “He is like the archangel.”

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Valerio Bianchini honors Dan Peterson

Valerio Bianchini, on his own social media, honors Dan Peterson.

“On April 2, Olimpia will retire Dan Peterson’s jersey and hoist it alongside Milan’s other legendary players,” the ‘Vate’ writes. “Curious that an honor reserved for athletes should also be granted to a coach. But Dan deserved this exclusive recognition, because he did not just honor Olimpia, but was a watershed for all Italian coaches. There is a way of coaching before Peterson and an extremely more modern way after Peterson. Because the coach explained to colleagues that the function of a coach does not end in the gym but continues in his stories all the way into the homes of Italians who have only heard of basketball. Dan, like the Archangel, announced to Italians that there is still sport after soccer.”

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