Massimiliano Allegri vents despite victory over Inter Milan

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Massimiliano Allegri lashes out despite victory: the lunge

Despite the 1-0 win against Inter Milan, Massimiliano Allegri is not happy. The Juventus coach did not like insinuations about Rabiot’s alleged hand touch in the action that posted Kostic’s goal.

“I never comment on refereeing episodes, it is useless for you to ask me questions about these things. It bothers me to explain things too many times, if I have to do it every time it means you don’t understand. There are objective things: with Salernitana it was an objective thing, in that case we paid and I was wrong because I got kicked out. I can’t be here going over all the episodes: last year, on the same turf where the Inter penalty happened, they didn’t give us a penalty.”

“VAR is objective, then on subjective things you can argue all you want. Ask me why I got the formation wrong or why I had someone play instead of someone else. When in Bergamo they canceled a goal for us after the first minute I said let’s be careful because games last like baseball and they even took offense: Gomez was running and Lichsteiner caught him in the face, it was a subjective matter. VAR only makes mistakes when the thing is objective, as he made mistakes last year in Spezia and as he made mistakes against us, or in England where they kicked him out. I never talked about the referees: it’s easier and we help them,” he said.

Allegri then concluded, “After what happened we gave ourselves mini-goals, the first was to make the points to save ourselves, then now to make as many points as possible to climb the standings but anyway, as I said yesterday, like it or not, what we did on the field is 56 points, let’s say we are content with those.”

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