Guido Meda bluntly on Pecco Bagnaia and Marc Marquez

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Guido Meda does not cut Marquez out of the rainbow challenge

It’s forecasting time on the eve of the 2023 MotoGp World Championship and Guido Meda, speaking to ‘Sky Sport 24’, does not back down, confirming his confidence in Ducati and Aprilia but at the same time urging not to cut the riders of the Japanese manufacturers, especially Marc Marquez and his Honda, out of the rainbow discourse.

“I would not underestimate Marquez,” he said, “His potential in the race will certainly be higher than that shown in testing, in my opinion he is taking time to become familiar with the, means that remains inferior to the Ducati: however, in a very long season, you can never tell. Similar discourse can be made for Fabio Quartararo and the Yamaha: they showed good race pace in the tests.”

However, the favorite remains the 2022 world champion: “Pecco Bagnaia restarts from the dominance of the last part of last season – said Meda -. The first opponent is definitely at home and it is Bastianini, but also the Aprilia seemed better in the tests than last year and is dangerous.”

An important variable may be represented by the Sprint Races, an absolute novelty this season: “They are mini-races where you will be able not to think about tires or fuel: expect surprises from explosive riders, who have nothing to lose.”

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