Martin doesn’t hide regret: “I could have won.”

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The words of Jorge Martin

Jorge Martin saw his victory slip away in Portimao, in the first Sprint Race of the premier class, only on the last lap, when Pecco Bagnaia took advantage of a mistake he made and passed him.

As reported by, the Pramac centaur confessed his regret at the end of the race, “I’m happy with second place, too bad because I could have aimed to win but I made a mistake on the last lap and Bagnaia mocked me. However, I gained confidence by completing these first laps of the season and I will be ready for tomorrow’s race. I didn’t choose the right tires, we chose hard but I wasn’t stopping, that was also why I made a mistake in turn-5 and Pecco passed me. I tried to stay in front, I missed being in the lead, and I’m happy and ready for tomorrow.”

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