A.C. Milan, Paolo Scaroni always bets on Stefano Pioli

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The words of Paolo Scaroni

Paolo Scaroni spoke on the occasion of his visit to the Milan Club New York: “Let’s start from the fact that reaching the quarterfinals in the Champions League is objectively a great success, considering also that we haven’t had it for a long time. I consider it one of the two seasonal goals, the other is of course to qualify for the Champions League for next year, we hope to achieve the second one as well.”

“We are on the right track. Our confidence in Pioli is intact, we are convinced that he is the right coach to take us to Champions League qualification for next season. Anything more that comes along is certainly welcome,” he added, “I have been on the board since Yonghong Li’s ownership, and Milan has made great strides in recent years. From all points of view things are going well, I often dwell on talking about ‘money,’ although in sports of course results on the field count, but I have to say that Milan’s balance sheet also reassures us for the future.”

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