For Cantù, an embarrassing quarter: Sacchetti enraged and disappointed

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Sacchetti’s words

Anger and disappointment in Coach Sacchetti’s words after the heavy 71-55 defeat suffered by Cantù at home to Nardò, complicit in a 28-3 quarter for the hosts.

“I got angry before the start of the second half, because when we didn’t have fouls we played too sufficiently. A team that wants to achieve something important does not play with this sufficiency. We still had a foul to spend and we didn’t. We went to rest with a lead and then in the second half we made 1/20 in shooting, something I don’t think belongs to the history of Cantù Basketball. Beyond the percentages, the attitude already in the first half was negative. We looked bad, something impossible. Kudos to Nardò, but what we did in the third period was really mind-boggling.”

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