Ralf Schumacher crowns Max Verstappen

©Getty Images

The words of Ralf Schumacher

Ralf Schumacher has no doubts: “There is no history for this year, it seems obvious to me. We saw in Miami that if everything goes normally, Max Verstappen is in a championship of his own, although Sergio Perez is also doing well and is a great teammate.”

“Max used to go only to the kart track and consequently neglected his school grades,” he reminded ran.de. “With my parents the situation was different. My mother worked on the track, while my father had no interest, preferring fishing. Even later, when Michael and I were in Formula 1, our father was reluctant to participate, coming at most three or four times a season. It was too stressful for him: too many people, too much traffic.”

He closed on de Vries, who may also leave the seat to Mick Schumacher: “I think it’s too early to judge him. It’s not fair. They knew in advance what kind of driver he was: a good element, never outstanding. It took him a long time to get to Formula 1, but it is unfair to question him now. Formula 1 has become more difficult and there is no more testing, he needs more time.”

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