Japanese GP, demolishes Max Verstappen then retracts: Lando Norris’ afterthoughts

©Getty Images

First the harsh attack, then the reconsideration.

Max Verstappen retains pole position at the Japanese Grand Prix, despite the obstacle in qualifying to Lando Norris. And while the McLaren Englishman had been stern in the heat with his Red Bull colleague, it was precisely his testimony that actually “saved” the Dutchman’s qualifying.

Verstappen, in an attempt to warm up his tires before launching for his fast lap, had lost control of his Red Bull forcing Norris into a dangerous excursion on the grass. “His action was quite dangerous, while I didn’t do anything. He tried not to let me pass, but I was at high speed and we risked a big crash. We were lucky,” the McLaren driver had said at the end of qualifying.

The two were then summoned by race officials, and after explanations Norris evidently changed his mind. In fact, the FIA decided not to penalize Verstappen even on the basis of his colleague’s opinion. “The driver of car 4 stated that it is only an unfortunate incident, although it is the driver’s responsibility to maintain control of his car at all times,” indeed reads the federation’s statement in which the Red Bull driver is sanctioned with a simple reprimand.

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