Lewis Hamilton-Ferrari: Riccardo Patrese’s rejection.

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Lewis Hamilton-Ferrari: Riccardo Patrese’s rejection.

Former Formula 1 driver Riccardo Patrese in an interview with Quotidiano Nazionale expressed his misgivings about the rumored negotiation between Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari: “I wouldn’t take him. Not for him, he is still a champion. But the red car doesn’t need a top driver, it needs a top car. I, like all fans, am very disappointed with Ferrari’s performance. Compared to 2022 they have gone backwards.”

“Lewis is great, he is a winner. But let me tell you something that everyone hasn’t understood yet. Since testing has been abolished, a driver no longer affects the development of the car, he no longer has the power to change the engineers’ minds, as happened to Prost, Schumi, Senna and even me. If Maranello has all that money to spend, let them rather spend it on Adrian Newey, because the car matters more than the driver.”

In Monte Carlo, Ferrari could redeem itself: “A small glimmer would be there provided Leclerc puts the car ahead of everyone on Saturday in qualifying. He can do it, he on the dry lap is a phenomenon and then he is from Monte Carlo and knows every inch of the asphalt. If he starts in front, he can keep them all behind on Sunday.”

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