Marco Melandri speaks out on the future of Marc Marquez

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Marco Melandri speaks out on the future of Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez can only return to winning the World Championship if he says goodbye to Honda. Former MotoGp centaur Marco Melandri in an interview with Mowmag does not mince words: “Marc is really the phenomenon by definition. Even his approach, however sometimes it ends up being excessive. He makes you stay glued to the screen no matter what happens, even if he raced alone there would be setbacks.”

But with Honda there is no hope: “In the future I would see him as a world champion only in the event that he managed to get on a KTM. And I say this for two reasons: the Honda has never been an easy bike, he used to be able to make it look easy because he was well and had incredible physical strength, then it is on another level. KTM is spending so much money that in my opinion if they don’t win within two or three years they may close everything down. Then there is Red Bull in the middle, in my opinion it would make sense. Even before closing the contract with Honda. Because Marc costs Honda so much that if they have to pay these figures without winning they probably even gladly save that money. This is my idea though, I make that clear.”

Honda itself might decide to get rid of Marquez: “In the end it’s almost counterproductive, because he’s the one who gets the results. In Ducati, on the other hand, there are eight bikes and more or less everyone is going strong, so clearly the middle works. In Honda it’s the opposite, it’s Marc who does everything. And Honda has to sell bikes, not Marc Marquez.”

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