Brindisi: Vitucci and Giofrè in the balance, Harrison bye-bye

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Air of revolution in Brindisi

There is an air of revolution at Happy Casa Brindisi in the aftermath of the elimination from the Serie A basketball playoffs at the hands of Virtus Bologna. According to reports in the ‘Corriere del Veneto,’ in fact, Pallacanestro Treviso has reportedly begun sounding out the current coach of the Messapians, Frank Vitucci, and sports director Simone Giofrè.

For Vitucci, who turned 60 last April 5, it would be a return to Treviso, where he was an assistant between 2001 and 2010, leading the team as head coach in 2007 and the 2009/10 season. His contract actually calls for another year in Brindisi, but Giofrè’s possible farewell could convince him to follow the same path.

As far as the roster is concerned, moreover, the ‘Quotidiano di Puglia’ reports on the upcoming farewell of D’Angelo Harrison, in the wake of what has already been decided (and announced through social media) by Nick Perkins.

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