Jannik Sinner, Paolo Bertolucci categorical ahead of Roland Garros

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Paolo Bertolucci gives advice to Jannik Sinner

Paolo Bertolucci, from the columns of ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport,’ spoke about the upcoming start of Roland Garros, also commenting on expectations for Jannik Sinner.

“At the start I don’t know any favorable draws in major tournaments, but particularly in the 128-ranked draw spots can be freed up that at the time of compilation seemed impossible to reach,” said the Italian tennis legend, a member of the team that won Davis in 1976. The important thing is to be ready the moment the road should present itself less impassable. This could also happen in the lower part to our Jannik Sinner, the No. 8 seed. However, he should not burden himself with too many expectations that stiffen the arm, take away sensitivity and fog the ideas.”

Sinner, Italy’s current number one ranking (he is eighth in the world), will play the first round against France’s Alexandre Muller, number 100 in the ATP rankings and never faced so far in his career on the world’s top tennis circuit.

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