Charles Leclerc opens the door to Lewis Hamilton

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Charles Leclerc’s words

Charles Leclerc gave a lengthy interview to Gazzetta dello Sport at a delicate moment for Ferrari: “I must always give my best on the track, never give up. These are words I keep repeating, because they are basic. As a leader, try to make the engineers understand the weaknesses of the car and let them work to improve them. In these situations, it’s easy for a team to lose motivation, although that’s not the case with us, but I have to be ready to re-motivate people if it happens. How? By putting in the maximum effort and showing that they have the grit to get back up. This has always worked so far.”

“Lewis Hamilton? These are market rumors. But, if he came, I would not feel challenged, on the contrary. Maybe it would also be an opportunity to show what I’m really worth. So cohabitation would not be viewed badly by me.”

“Will I race until I’m 40 like Fernando Alonso? I don’t know, it depends. If we win with Ferrari for ten years, then I could be a driver even until 60… (laughs; ed.). Actually it also depends on how my everyday life will go on, since there are so many races on the calendar and the commitment is considerable. I won’t stop anytime soon, though, because I love racing and I know how lucky I am to do it. Maybe I won’t make it to 42, like Fernando, but I certainly still have several seasons left to go.”

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