F1, Charles Leclerc without points: “Ferrari impossible to understand”

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F1, Charles Leclerc without points: “Ferrari impossible to understand”

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc commented to Sky on his bitter Spanish Grand Prix, which ended with zero points and 11th position in the standings. The Monegasque driver paid especially for Saturday’s disastrous qualifying, closed in second to last place, and the pit lane start after the rear axle replacement.

“Unfortunately the car was better today, yesterday I couldn’t drive with the rear spinning all over the place. Today it was the front end, especially on the first stint. It’s a car of incredible inconstancy. In the same race we put on the same hard tires twice, in the first part we are nowhere, in the last part they were fine. I took the car to the limit in the same way, but we have huge inconstancy, and we will have to do a great job.”

“The car is impossible to understand,” Leclerc pointed out, “because I did the same work with both hard, but it went in a completely different direction, and for now I can’t understand why. It was a disappointment, I didn’t see the race up front but I’m sure for both cars it was difficult especially with tire management, and we have to improve on that because it’s a problem we’ve had for a long time.”

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