Jack Devecchi reveals a backstory on his arrival at Dinamo

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Dinamo Sassari, Jack Devecchi reveals a backstory.

Dinamo Sassari flag Jack Devecchi spoke to ‘La Nuova Sardegna’ a few days after his last game with the Sardinian club. “Me the last flag of Italian basketball? By dint of hearing myself say it I almost believe it… Let’s say yes – he began – I grew up admiring the flags, the players who in addition to what they gave on the court were also able to give something off it. I was lucky enough to be a part of that myself and I’m certainly proud of that.”

He then revealed a backstory about his arrival at Dinamo: “My thought was to do one year and leave. I was on loan from Montegranaro for two years, I wanted to prove myself as well, I wanted to grow in A2 and come back to play there in A, then instead I changed my mind, I married more and more the Dinamo project and I got there in A with the Sassari jersey, the rest is what we know. What made me fall in love? The bond that was created, the most intense and true relationships are here. When I arrived we were in Legadue and so it was seen only as guys playing basketball, not idols. So, having overcome some initial mistrust, there was time for important and … warm relationships to mature, let alone for me coming from Milan where relationships are a bit colder. This made me decide to stay here for life, because this is where my life is.”

“The most vivid memory is definitely winning that Scudetto, something indescribable, what you always dreamed of as a kid had come true. And then, not least, the applause I got from the whole arena after game 3 with Milan on Thursday. Things that stay deep inside,” Devecchi concluded.

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