Andrea Dovizioso crowns Pecco Bagnaia and praises Marco Bezzecchi

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MotoGp, Andrea Dovizioso is outspoken about the rainbow fight

A few days before the Mugello GP, Andrea Dovizioso gave an interesting interview to the microphones of “La Gazzetta dello Sport,” where, among other topics he wanted to focus on the rainbow fight involving Pecco Bagnaia and Marco Bezzecchi.

“I think Pecco, at the moment has something more, because if you make three zeros and you’re still first, there are no speeches that hold. Bezzecchi, on the other hand, has made a great step forward from 2022. Now he’s proving his worth, but he’s still not at the level of Bagnaia, because he still can’t keep it under control like he does,” said the former Ducati rider.

Next, the Forlimpopoli native wanted to dwell on the Honda team and Marc Marquez: “I think he was impressive in Le Mans. From the outside it is difficult to evaluate the bikes, but it is different for Marc, because you have the feeling that he is always on the limit when he enters the corners. I think Honda, at the current level, is not able to fight for the championship.”

Finally, Dovizioso bluntly analyzed the moment Yamaha is going through: “The World Championship in recent years has changed quite a bit, and the Japanese manufacturers have fallen behind the other teams. If you fall behind on certain evolutions and you don’t figure it out in time, the further ahead you go, the more you pay. Quartararo is doing what he can on the M1, but he doesn’t have the chances to stay in front and play for the championship.”

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