Helmut Marko snubs rivals: message to Ferrari and Mercedes

©Getty Images

The updates did not reshuffle the cards.

Red Bull is not afraid of Ferrari or Mercedes, which also at the Spanish Grand Prix brought both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to the podium. Far away, however, from winner Max Verstappen, who Helmut Marko says remains impossible for all rivals to catch up with.

“That’s the way Max is, he always wants to go to the limit, and he proved that in Montmeló as well,” Marko explained in an interview with his compatriots at ‘oe24.’ Despite the team’s warnings not to overdo it, he gave it his all until the end. And that is precisely what makes him a great driver.”

Marko, however, dwelt on the expected Ferrari and Mercedes updates presented at the Spanish Grand Prix. And which, in his opinion, have not changed the substance of the 2023 Formula 1 championship. “The updates have come, but they have only led to a change in their positions,” he noted. “Without wanting to be arrogant, you cannot say that they have moved closer to us. They have only reversed each other, and that benefits Red Bull. Our gap in the standings is growing bigger and bigger, and yes, winning all the races of the year might prove possible.”

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