MotoGp, Joan Mir: “I feel empty, I wear a mask.”

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Honda centaur Joan Mir in an interview with Marca vented about the difficulties he is experiencing in his first months in HRC. The 2020 World Champion Spaniard has scored just five points, and between sprint and mainstream races he has already retired on six occasions.

“I’m tired of falling. The situation is very complicated. It’s a difficult situation, it’s a big blow. I can’t lie, it’s very complicated. Sometimes you put on a mask and say everything is fine, but in fact it’s not.”

“Riding a motorcycle is my second most favorite thing in the world. When everything is going well you are happy, otherwise you feel an emptiness inside you,” Mir continued. “Right now I see the podium very far away. But in 2020, after the first race, I saw the podium very far away as well as the World Championship…. I think right now you need patience, calmness, to endure whatever happens. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I have to do it, I have to endure it and then come out of it and have fun again. Right now I’m running to carry on this project.”

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