World Cup, Carlo Recalcati sets Italy’s goals

©Getty Images

The World Cup will begin next August 25

From August 25 to September 10, the 2023 edition of the World Basketball Championship will be staged. Italy is placed in Group A along with hosts the Philippines, the Dominican Republic and Angola. Also in the Azzurri expedition will be 78-year-old Recalcati, in the role of senior assistant to head coach Pozzecco.

The seasoned Recalcati is clear about what Italy’s goals are at the World Cup and the difficulties that await the Azzurri: “We will have to be very careful. In the Philippines, basketball is the national sport and this already gives an idea of what kind of climate, not counting what we will find because of the humidity, we will play in since there will be packed arenas. The goalie in my house is from Manila. Already a heated exchange of banter has begun. Nothing is a given in a World Cup. Our minimum goal is to pass the round and earn the pre-Olympic. Then the rest we will build day by day.”

Having lost Banchero (who has chosen to play with Team USA), Italy will focus on a perfect mix of veterans and youngsters: “Some could be my grandchildren,” Recalcati’s own quip.

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