World-flop, controversy doesn’t subside after Blue Women’s lunge

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Italian female soccer players spark controversy

“We are convinced that we could have achieved different results if only we had been put in a position to do so. We will work even harder to improve at the international level but since from mistakes we can always learn we hope for a more present future, up to the growth of our soccer, to be able to express ourselves 100% and represent the country to the best of our ability.” Through a joint statement, the Italian women soccer players wanted to express their views after the sudden elimination from the World Cup at the hands of South Africa and Sweden. Phrases that are also sparking controversy on social media.

“We girls have always put our faces on it without ever backing down. Never. Taking responsibility, always. This time, however, we would like to express our point of view as well. The regret is still very strong because the desire for redemption in this World Cup of ours was so great. We knew we were coming from a disappointing European Championship and we learned from our mistakes,” they added.

“We were never afraid, we just felt little confidence,” they remarked. “All this was not enough because something else was obviously missing on the field. In the national team there is a block of 16 girls from Roma and Juventus, who have done something important in the Champions League. So we think it’s fair to wonder why a team made up of that block of players, and embellished with players from other important clubs and talented youngsters, struggles so much first at a European Championship and then at a World Cup.”

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