Pecco Bagnaia, the confession about Valentino Rossi: “I will never forget him.”

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Pecco Bagnaia, confession about Valentino Rossi: “I’ll never forget him.”

Ducati centaur Pecco Bagnaia in an interview with the Daily Star spoke just hours before the start of the MotoGp Grand Prix in Silverstone, Britain. The Piedmontese rider dedicated honeyed words to Valentino Rossi: “Vale, not only for us, but for all the riders in the championship, has been the man to follow all along.”

“The moment when they opened the Academy and decided to have me with them was incredible. A moment I will never forget, like the first time I shook hands with Valentino Rossi.”

“And then to be the first Italian to win in MotoGp after him was incredible. He was one of the first people I hugged after the victory, a great emotion. And it’s great to be his heir in the MotoGp roll of honor.”

Bagnaia also told an anecdote after his triumph in Valencia last season: “In the night the team had a party after winning the title, and instead I was in my bed sleeping because I was destroyed. Valencia was very hard and very intense. I felt the weight of many people on my back. It was fantastic, really. It was fantastic, when I won, it was the best moment of my career.”

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