Stefano Pioli is looking forward to Monza-Milan

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Stefano Pioli’s words

Stefano Pioli spoke on the eve of Tuesday’s Berlusconi Trophy against Monza: “Certainly Berlusconi was a visionary and therefore everything he brought was successful. He made the history of Milan, he helped to make it even bigger, to achieve great successes, he was a person with great charisma.”

“The president had very clear ideas, he would take advantage of some good games to call and congratulate us on the game, he would ask permission to give some advice. The last one? He definitely preferred offensive soccer, risky soccer, so a lot of advice was to play in the opponent’s half of the field. However, they were really very pleasant phone calls, because you could feel a person’s passion for soccer and passion for Milan. The last phone call I got from the president was 15 days before he passed away and we were talking about Milan, how to play, how to do certain things better, how to achieve certain goals. So clearly he had invested so much and well in Monza, but that he was still Milanist inside I think definitely,” he added to Sportmediaset.

He closed on the match: “Director Adriano Galliani called me that we were on vacation and when he proposed the Berlusconi Trophy we replied that we are only honored to participate in this tournament. I hope to be able to greet Berlusconi’s family and associates as well and to make the match as good as possible because in any case Berlusconi is such a complete and important part of Milan’s history. We have organized four friendlies this week because we need minute playing time and to get all the players playing, because in two weeks we will be in the league. We face a team that has always played good soccer, so it will be a good test.”

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