Trieste basketball, Eli Brooks introduces himself: words of a leader

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Eli Brooks’ words.

Eli Brooks made his first statements as an biancorosso player to the official channels of Pallacanestro Trieste. “I come from a long career first in high school and then in college,” he began. “There they play a basketball that I can define already professional, at a high level, with very high rhythms both on offense and defense. Hard hedges (getting out of the defender’s block that slows down the ball carrier), “drops” and “pistols” are the order of the day and make the game very fast. I have found myself playing in many different situations, with coaches with different philosophies, and this I believe will be most useful in “translating” the way I play for the Italian league. It already has been in my growth to date.”

“I was captain at the Wolverines and as a leader there I always wanted to lead by example before words, making the right decisions at the right time, being a good teammate and doing whatever it takes to bring home the win,” he added. In the last two seasons at Michigan I have definitely strengthened the “vocal” side of my leadership as well. Coach Juwan Howard has been very important in this, the relationship with him has made me grow a lot.”

On his new adventure with the Julian club: “I am excited to continue my professional growth path in Trieste, I am looking forward to the season. The first contacts to wear the red and white I had with coach Christian. Actually from him I received several time ago my first career offer to play in “Division 1″ of NCAA. Eventually it came full circle, and when he received the position in Trieste he immediately contacted me to propose this adventure, telling me that it would be a great opportunity for me, I am convinced. I look forward to immersing myself in your culture, your food, learning your language. Being able to see all the cities we are going to play in and immerse myself in that atmosphere will be great. I’ve seen videos of you fans, I’ve heard your choruses, your drums, and I’ve admired your flags waving, it will be great.”

“The team we are building is special: there are a lot of three-point shooters, and at the same time several veterans, with whom I am looking forward to meeting, to share our visions of the game and learn from them. For my part, I bring to the team without a doubt my ability to make the right choices, even under pressure, my ability to make baskets and to always defend hard. I always play my best, never giving up, I really hope you can appreciate that over the course of this season,” Brooks concluded.

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