Trieste basketball, Christian reveals his point of reference

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Jamion Christian’s words.

The new coach of Pallacanestro Trieste, Jamion Christian, gave an interview to ‘Il Piccolo’ ahead of the upcoming A2 Series championship. “One of the reasons that led me to choose Trieste was precisely passion,” he stressed. “A number of factors convinced me: trust in Michael Arcieri, whom I had met while recording my podcast “Last Call,” and in the U.S. ownership of Cotogna Sports Group, the history of this city, and the desire to repeat past successes.

“I will preface this by saying that I am joined by a technical staff that has A2 experience, this is not a leap in the dark,” continued the new coach of the Julian club. “I do not think of two separate souls, American and European mentality will integrate. The relationship with one’s athletes is the most important part of a coach’s job. I like to find possible challenges to put to the players. No one is the same as the other. Everyone has their own bet to win, it’s up to me to identify it and help them win it.”

Quidi revealed his benchmark: “I’ve known him since he was 14 years old, I hoped to have him with me when I coached Mount Mary University, but instead he chose Michigan. He is a great defender, I like how he interacts with his teammates, he can make good decisions. On a team, it’s only fair that everyone relies on points of reference that they already know. Brooks will be mine, as well as Arcieri has Reyes and Ferrero.”

“This is the project we talked about with Arcieri. I have ten players I trust, so many can fill multiple roles, the wings can act both inside and outside, on defense I have people like Deangeli who can mark me from the play to the opposing center. On offense there are pawns with quick hands and play-reading, the ball can circulate quickly to create conditions for good shots. We will have our own system of play but within that we will try to enhance everyone’s characteristics,” Christian concluded.

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