Inter legend flunks Pavard deal

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An Inter legend rejects Pavard's deal

Speaking on the German edition of Sky Sport, Lothar Matthaus had his say on the possible move of Benjamin Pavard from Bayern Munich to Inter: "The Bayern management had promised Pavard to let him go, now forò the men have changed and therefore also the situations. I understand that he is feeling bad about it, but on the other hand è he has always been super professional. What I don&#39t understand è whyé Stanisic" was let go.

According to the Nerazzurri legend, però not è the right move for the player: "In the end I think Inter and Bayern will find a solution, otherwise the German club could lose Pavard as a free agent next year. Inter is coming from a Champions League final, but I don&#39t think we can talk about an upgrade for him in moving from Munich to Milan. I think Pavard wants to come back to play as a center back, also in view of the European Championship".

Marotta and Ausilio have already found an agreement with Pavard and Bayern Munich (there is talk of an amount close to 30 million euros plus 2 million in bonuses) but the German club, before giving the 'green light' to the Frenchman, must find his replacement. 

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