Luca Baraldi thanks Sergio Scariolo

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Virtus Segafredo Bologna CEO Luca Baraldi è spoke, as part of the “Cersaie”, to “Tutti convocati”, a sports program aired on Radio24: “We started in the best possible way, nice win. We beat Milan, eternal and beautiful challenge, and then the host, Brescia. And 24 hours earlier we won the women’s Supercup, first women’s trophy for the city of Bologna, we are proud. I saw the energy in our players, coming from Luca Banchi. It’s not a coincidence that he was named the best coach of the World Cup with only two players coming from Euroleague and NBA. And Brescia had beaten us last year in the Italian Cup, so for those who were there, there’s also been some revenge.”

Scariolo? “I’ve been doing this job for 25 years, these things happen, maybe at the beginning of the season a little less. With Scariolo I was two years, he had arrived after a championship, he took us to the Euroleague bringing also a great work culture, and his NBA experience. He enriched us. Then there come times where for the interests of both è it is better to end the path. The team was made by him, along with our technical structure. Banchi brought new energy to a somewhat depressed environment. But we just have to thank Scariolo for what he gave us and what he did.”

“The duel with Milan does well, the top teams provide resources for the community. For example, basketball TV rights, could be given up for a solidarity fund; perhaps to grow youth sectors. For the Euroleague we have a level structure, revenues among the highest in the Euroleague. Where we go to play we fill up, we should have better facilities, 10000 instead of 3000. We play inside a temporary’Arena, inside an exhibition hall. It’s unique in Europe, but there are parking lots and facilities. Basketball has to develop these aspects, because’there are big investors. However, basketball has 15 million fans, è it was said yesterday at the presentation of the championship. We have to work together, and grow culturally as basketball. Will we have fun this year? Absolutely sì".

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