Fedez case: awarded a sorry Francesca Fagnani

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Fedez case,  comes an award for Francesca Fagnani

Wednesday night on Striscia la notizia (Channel 5, 8:35 p.m.) Valerio Staffelli delivers the Golden Tapiro to Belve anchorwoman Francesca Fagnani, after Rai banned her from inviting Fedez on her program, attempting to "trim the beast&quot’s nails".

"C’è was this editorial choice, but I do not share it. I defend the choice of inviting him. I am very sorry and hope for a dialogue", declares Fagnani to the’Striscia correspondent.

And when Staffelli asks her what will happenà if, in the future, Rai should still intervene with this filter on her broadcast, the journalist replies: "I hope it will not happen anymore. I è happened to interview more critical characters and nothing è ever happened".

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