Ciro Immobile threatens farewell

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The words of Ciro Immobile

Harsh outburst of Ciro Immobile, who in Il Messaggero hinted that he is also ready to leave Lazio: "Perhaps many people forget that when I arrived here in 2016, it was not like now. It was not even known who would be the coach. Now that we are making the Champions League, they want to park me outside? That doesn’t sound like the best recognition to me. But I’m moving forward, as I always have".

"Saudi Arabia^ È a solution I had considered this’summer when a few offers had come in, then però I decided to turn it down for the national team and the Champions", he admitted.

"After such a start of the championship, some questions have been asked, especially after the criticism of some, fortunately not all, who did not see and appreciate the gesture but immediately presented the bill. This hurts me, indeed makes me waver. And now my thinking is no longer è the same as in July"” he concluded.

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